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The SIRIUS Encounter: Journey to the Stars

DOGON Journey to the Stars is a UFO-like attraction at Heritage City that takes you on a 4D visual journey to space to discover what the Dogons knew before modern telescopes were invented. Dogon Journeys to the stars is filled with thrilling experiences unravelling the mysteries of space.


QUEEN MAKEEDA: A Queen's Quest

Makeeda is the Queen of Sheba. The encounter between Ethiopian Queen and the King Solomon of ancient Israel is a celebrated love story captured as a showcase at Heritage City. Queen Makeeda heard of the reign of King Solomon, she visited his court as the head of a camel caravan bearing gold, jewels, and spices. The QUEEN MAKEEDA showcase is rich in dance, drama, music, fashion, art and more! It is a love story you wont want to miss at Heritage City


World of Wealth & Wonder

Songhai and Mali Empires were among the most prosperous in ancient Africa. Emperor Mansa Musa was reported to be the richest man in the world in his day. Visit this attraction showcasing Emperor Mansa Musa's ancient world of wealth and wonder.



Zomo the Rabbit takes kids on an exciting adventure in this wonderful 4D Palace as the search team delves into the African forest to discover a variety of animal species and learn how to rescue those that are facing possible extinction. Kids and Conservationists will relish the exciting and suspense-filled adventure at Zomo's Palace.

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